A Masters Ghanian Man in Ireland has said he is enjoying his life and how things are going in his life and has no plan of coming back to his motherland. The Ghanaian driver posted an inscription explaining his current circumstances in his car & it got shared on social media.

According to him, he had an MBA from the UK but now drives a taxi for a living, and also a citizen of Ireland.

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The man who now drives a taxi for a living wrote the inscription in his car to avoid getting asked too many questions by his passengers.

“I am from Ghana. Now Irish citizen. Yes I like it here,” the sign reads.

Social media reactions

@kevinmichaelw commented:

“It’s a bit rude to be honest. What’s wrong with asking him where he is from originally (presuming he doesn’t have Irish accent) and whether he likes it here. Having a bit of futile chat is part of what we are.”

@BobKavanagh said:

“Unnecessarily blunt. The whole point of a taxi drive is to illicit as much information from the driver as possible. All subjects are acceptable. Usually precipitated by the driver themselves.”

@Yasemin0zkan mentioned:

“All subjects are not acceptable. Someone’s citizenship status is not something people would like to repeat in conversation all day, every day. I think it would be rude and intrusive to ask such questions to someone you don’t even know. Why should YOU be privy to that

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