A kind Father, Verral Paul-Walcott, is set to put smiles on the faces of poor kids and their parents. He plans to help and assist parents and homeless children to be educated.

A generous dad of two kids who live in North London, Verral Paul-Walcott, has been giving out free school uniforms to families who could not afford them.

With his charity initiative, he has been able to get people free school uniforms and feed the homeless.

The man started his kind acts during the lockdown and has since then turned it into something big that many have come to rely on, My London News reports.

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The 35-year-old did not stop there. He has been asking for Christmas presents. So far, he has got many packages to give poor kids.

Speaking with the media, he said:

“And these presents are like, Monopoly, Nerf guns, Barbie dolls, footballers, action mans, wrestlers – brand new toys.”
With a special program, he is working with schools to identify children who will really need the item. Verral said that feeling down during the lockdown sparked his interest to help people.

He narrated one of his experiences helping people:

“I came across this homeless lady in a tent. I asked her if she was hungry, she said yes. I got her some food. She was shaking so I asked if she was cold. She said yes. I got her some gloves. She burst into tears – she was literally crying about gloves that cost me 50 pence. And then it dawned on me.”
His free school uniforms for kids was motivated by a single mum who reached out to him. He, therefore, set up a picnic to raise money for the items and it was a huge success.


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